Tormod Smith

Tormod Smith

Web Developer

About Me

After undertaking an online course in front end development and then enrolling in the Founders & Coder's Academy Bootcamp, I decided that software development was my new career. The opportunity to work through problems collaboratively to come up with a tangible final product I find extremely rewarding. Web development has a never ending spiral of continuous learning, the fast paced ever changing environment provides rich rewards and excitement. I'm now in the pursuit of becoming a front-end wizard.

Work Experience

Front-end Web Developer Smartzer Oct 2016 - Nov 2017

  • Customising html5 video players to match the look and feel of luxury retail brands websites
  • Working with sass and javaScript to create shoppable videos
  • Using React + redux to provide a client side interface of an editor, allowing users to create their own shoppable video

Interactive Developer WCRS Sept 2016 - Oct 2016

  • Part of a large, multi-national team of producers, validators and quality assurance experts that collaboratively ensure the highest standards of consistency and integrity for the client's global digital presence.
  • Optimising images using photoshop, getting familiar with a large codebase, writing high quality maintainable code and ensuring responsive design.
  • Working in a multidisciplinary team paying great attention to detail and meeting deadlines comfortably.

Free Lance Developer Founders & Coders Sept 2015 - Jun 2016

  • Full-time 16-week intensive coding academy with subsequent freelance work
  • Full-stack Javascript development, including Node.js, D3.js and React.js
  • Emphasis on team-based learning and cooperative progression
  • Test driven development heavily prioritised, with best practices, agile methodologies and pair programming

Latest Projects

project name


  • One of two developers building an MVP to allow an automated recruitment process where the Recruiters could rate candidates
  • My role was a Full stack javascript developer
  • Tech stack used was Node.js, redis, aws S3, semantic U.I and handlebars templating engine
  • Project management, we used Github issues and milestones.
  • Other tools Travis C.I., istanbul, Linked in OAuth2.0, ViewerJS and microsoft webapp document viewer.

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project name


  • Platform to put university societies in touch with companies offering sponsorship.
  • This website has a custom built frontend; Boostrap, HTML5 and CSS3. The back end was built using Node.js, handle bars templating engine and Redis, the non relational database.

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Ajoupas Barbados

  • Ajoupas Barbados Holiday Rental Site.
  • This website uses the triology of CSS3, HTML5, and javascript on the front end with some Bootsrap and Jquery.
  • This site is purely a static site hosted on git hub with a google map and a booking calendar embedded to add functionality.

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The Viewing Agent

The Viewing Agent commercial site.

An entrepreneurial website, created using Bootstrap, jquery and HTML and hosted on hostinger. One of the first responsive website I ever created. The site also provided a frontend call to the nestoria api, which is unfortunatley no longer supported

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